It takes a village of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and more to help get women the intimate health information and solutions they need, so we’re proud to be a trusted resource. Read on to learn why Vagisil® has been trusted by women for over 40 years.

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Vaginal dryness can occur in women of all ages and often leads to painful sex. So to help make sex more comfortable, we created a lubricant solution that feels like a woman’s own moisture. Vagisil® ProHydrate® Moisturizing Gel contains hyaluronic acid and provides long-lasting, natural-feeling relief without interrupting the moment. Download our fact sheet to learn more.

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Typical cleansing washes are formulated at a pH range higher than that of the vaginal area, which can disrupt your natural balance. All Vagisil® daily intimate washes are formulated within the natural pH range of intimate skin to help maintain a healthy pH. Download our fact sheet to learn more about Vagisil® daily intimate washes.